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The Shirley Practice

Operations and surgical procedures inevitably involve a degree of trauma to the body, all be it in a controlled manner. Following an operation, it is normal for there to be pain, swelling and restricted movement of the affected area. Whilst this is an important part of the healing process, a common side-effect of inflammation is the development of adhesions between the layers of inflamed tissues. Adhesions are made of tough, inelastic scar-like tissue and are hard to get rid of once theyre there. They are, however, quite easy to prevent by following a course of exercise which osteopaths are trained to teach you.

Another common side-effect is muscle weakness and loss of co-ordination of the affected area. For example, a person who has had surgery on their knee or ankle is likely to find it more difficult to stand on that leg with their eyes closed than on the other leg, even months after the operation.

At the Shirley Practice, we will take you right through the process of rehabilitating your body after injury or surgery. The exercises we teach are easy and can be done at home.